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Startups / Small Enterprises

Every company has to achieve the right balance between investment and saving especially at establishment and growing stages. We could see that many startups and small enterprises, who want to get rid of those disadvantages of being new in the market, are endangering their futures due to their faulty investment-related decision. On the contrary, we are observing that those who are taking saving measures more than required could not realize their potentials.

We are making a great investment in Workinton for startups and small enterprises but we are not billing high in return for such investment. We are witnessing every day the success of those companies which are doing business, holding meetings and going beyond the office life they required on the productive territories of Workinton. We are very proud of those startups and small enterprises which have grown up, developed and made a name in Workinton, the country of better working.

For the startups and small enterprises who want to maximize productivity while minimizing the office expenses: Serviced office models

Start-ups and small businesses can rent serviced offices in Workinton İstanbul, İzmir, and Ankara.

Serviced office models
We provide private and shared service offices with capacities of 1-~20 in all branches, come and have a tour at your preferred location BOOK A TOUR

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