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Meeting Rooms

Workinton meetings are way efficient and convenient with 150 different room alternatives answering any demand from 2-person interviews to 250-person meetings.

You may actualize your meetings in one of the Workinton plazas found at the most central 12 different points of business life or in a room with the grand bosphorus view as well as in a salon with lots of sunshine and in one of our branches that your reach passing through history following cobbled roads. You can work much more productively with the motivation of different places.

In fully equipped Workinton meeting rooms you can streamline your presentations with projection devices and curtains or LCD screens in addition to white boards, flipchart, audio system for PCs, high speed internet and other technologic facilities.

Our experienced team whose service priority is your productivity, will meet all your needs while you are using our meeting rooms which are specially designed with Ergonomicsc equipment. Thanks to the limitless filter coffee, brewed tea, herbal teas, water, breakfast, fruits and cookie treats throughout the day, you work flavorful at Workinton.

You will be welcomed with what you are accustomed to when you prefer to use other branches that have similar service and equipment standards at different locations and easily focus on your meeting.

You will share the same environment with thousands of professionals who prefer the new generation workspaces of the leader of coworking sector, Workinton on its 5th year anniversary, and experience the dynamics of different sectors.

You may conveniently organize performance management meetings in one of the many room options that are found in the same area with different sizes and meet all your training space demands of order and person from 2-person interviews to 250-person seminar organizations and executive board meetings with board order.

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Training: You may benefit from the meeting rooms of different order and capacities for all of your training demands.

Seminar: You may organize up to 300-person seminars using salons and provide easy access to your participants with the advantage of central location.

Evaluation Center: You may consider one of the many room options that are found in the same area with different sizes for your demands during in-house performance management or recruitment processes.

Executive Board Meeting: You may choose the most suitable location for your demands among our branches for meeting rooms with board order.

Hackathon: You may organize hackathons receiving 24-hour full service for your projects which last a day or a week.

Interview Rooms: You may prefer one of our interview rooms available in all our branch offices for your personal interviews, consulting services or meetings with a few colleagues.

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