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Large Enterprises

One of the most important factors for providing sustainability in the corporate world is employee loyalty. Today, the most important reference given for loyalty, which was once tried to be reached via the financial possibilities, personal characteristics of the leaders or interaction between the employees, is the working space effect.

Ok, then what does this mean? It means that along the business they are performing, the big companies have to spend time, energy, and develop ideas also for the place where such business is being carried on. This also means redesigning or restoring the offices to become places where high level concentration, motivation and ergonomics are offered.

In Workinton we are helping such big companies in focusing only on the work they are performing and by means of the satellite offices we are seriously improving the productivity as well as providing the employees with being proud of not only their companies but also their offices.

Besides the satellite offices, we are offering flexible working spaces at various places of the city for the mobile employees of those big companies active especially in the information and service sectors. By this way, mobile employees who are on the move could work in any Workinton they want without losing any time in the urban traffic. In the meanwhile, those mobile employees who could work independent of a certain place do not have to come to the same office continuously.

For the big companies who are looking for the motivation they lack in their own offices: Satellite office models

Large enterprises can rent meeting rooms and offices in Workinton.

Satellite Office Models
We provide different type of office services for large companies in all branches, with custom design options, come and have a tour at your preferred location BOOK A TOUR

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