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Canlı Destek

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Freelancers / Self-employed

When we analyze requirements of the freelancers and self-employed, we face with preferably an easily accessible location that is close to specific centers, a fast technical infrastructure and efficiency-improving physical conditions.

In Workinton, we are gathering all conditions required by you and eliminating all of those disturbing factors such as the noise, the concentration's enemy, house conditions that decreases the productivity and chairs and tables not serving for your performance.

For the freelancers and self-employed who prefer using their expertise for numerous firms: Fixed working models

Freelancers and self-employed people may benefit co-working spaces.

Fixed Working Model: Private Desk

We reserve your private desk, locker and full ergonomic chair in any branch you prefer. Additionally, you can use other Workinton branches for a change without any extra fee.

Maslak/Levent/Astoria/Maçka/Galata/Buyaka/AND: 750 TL + VAT/Month BECOME A MEMBER

Kavacık/İzmir/Ankara: 650 TL + VAT/Month BECOME A MEMBER

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