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Canlı Destek

For Whom | Workinton

There are more than 3 billion employees in the world.
There is place for all of them in Workinton as long as they do not come altogether at once.

Those who perform their business in Workinton, the country of better working, are collected under four main groups for the moment. We would like to highlight the word "for the moment": We very well know that in business world a new working trend may show up at any moment therefore we keep ourselves ready for all kinds of changes by means of correct analysis, heightened awareness and powerful adaptation.

Freelancers / Self-employed

When we analyze the needs of freelancers’/self-employed people, we see that they preferably want to be at easy access locations close to certain centers, a fast technical infrastucture and physical conditions that increase productivity.

In Workinton, we are bringing together all conditions required, eliminating disturbing factors such as noise (a primary enemy of concentration), house conditions such as anti-ergonomic chairs and kids. We try to keep only the things which increase your performance.

For those freelancers who use their expertise for many different companies: Fixed working models

Freelancers and self-employed people may benefit co-working spaces.
Flexible working models for mobile employees in Workinton.

Mobile Employees

In particular, growing mobile teams of companies which are active in the field or working with virtual soluntions, have difficulty in resolving their office needs.

Rather than a permanent office, mobile employees are in need of easily accessible spaces -which are free from those external factors adversely effecting the business life- where they will get fast service and be satisfied regarding their instant office requirements.

In Workinton, we encounter the changing needs of mobile workers. We are constantly increasing the number of our branches and we prefer to be in easily accessible areas where working population is high.

For mobile workers regardless of venue and time: Flexible working models

Startups / Small Enterprises

Every company has to achieve the right balance between investment and saving especially at establishment and growing stages. We could see that many startups and small enterprises, who want to get rid of those disadvantages of being new in the market, are endangering their futures due to their faulty investment-related decision. On the contrary, we are observing that those who are taking saving measures more than required could not realize their potentials.

We are making a great investment in Workinton for startups and small enterprises but we are not billing high in return for such investment. We are witnessing every day the success of those companies which are doing business, holding meetings and going beyond the office life they required on the productive territories of Workinton. We are very proud of those startups and small enterprises which have grown up, developed and made a name in Workinton, the country of better working.

For the startups and small enterprises who want to maximize productivity while minimizing the office expenses: Serviced office models

Start-ups and small businesses can rent serviced offices in Workinton İstanbul, İzmir, and Ankara.
Large enterprises can rent meeting rooms and offices in Workinton.

Large Enterprises

One of the most important factors for providing sustainability in the corporate world is employee loyalty. Today, the most important reference given for loyalty, which was once tried to be reached via the financial possibilities, personal characteristics of the leaders or interaction between the employees, is the workplace effect. 

Ok, then what does this mean? It means that along the business they are performing, the big companies have to spend time, energy, and develop ideas also for the place where such business is being carried on. This also means redesigning or restoring offices to offer high level concentration, motivation and ergonomics. 

In Workinton we help these big companies to focus only on their performance with the satellite offices we offer. We are seriously improving the productivity as well as having employees proud of not only their companies but also their offices. 

Besides the satellite offices, we are offering flexible working spaces at various places of the city for the mobile employees active especially in the information and service sectors. By this way, mobile employees who are on the move could work in any Workinton they want without losing any time in traffic. In the meanwhile, those mobile employees who could work anywhere do not have to come to the same office everyday.

For the big companies who are looking for the motivation they lack at their own offices: Satellite office models