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Benefits | Workinton

The ambiance you will search everywhere but find only at Workinton.

The first thing you see whenever you step in Workinton is those Workinton people who work sometimes individually sometimes together but always in tandem with each other, make meetings and attend conferences. You will feel yourself ready for working and motivated in such an environment where everybody work willingly and you notice that Workinton's ambiance in fact prepares you for working.

In Workinton, the country of better working, we try our best for everybody's best performance through our working environment enabling concentration for mind, ergonomics for body and motivation for your soul.


The REwork series, which base on the idea of possibility of changing of working habits by the office environment, asks offices to think once more for such a business mentality that could manage such change and by this way it contributes to shaping of the future working habit.

The REwork series, which we have decided -upon long-lasting researches- to take place in Workinton's co-working spaces, offers an ergonomic, healthy, efficient and comfortable working environment which those freelancers, self-employed and mobile employees could easily find anywhere.

Workinton's co-working spaces offer ergonomic and comfortable office furniture.
Hokki chairs are used in Workinton co-working spaces for healthier body.

Hokki chairs

Working on a chair without moving for long hours could have been defined in the past as a behavior of an altruistic employee. Today, it is considered that this manner of working is sacrificing the future health of especially the muscle, skeleton and nerve system.

Those Hokki chairs existing in Workinton's co-working spaces put the muscle and skeleton system in motion through its ergonomic design and provide the body with being in motion even when sitting.

Productivity-improving music

Researches show that music has a significant effect on productivity. It is considered that selection of a correct music in compliance with the place, time and the work in progress is a must item for a properly built working space.

There is a systematic work behind the music you will hear in co-working spaces of Workinton which improves the concentration, aims at productivity and shows a change according to the specific hours of the day.

Workinton co-working spaces offer music that improves concentration and productivity.
Workinton smart lighting design improves concentration and minimizes energy consumption.

A properly installed lighting design

It is almost impossible to find a good lighting system in those offices built for working purposes or those cafes designed for entertainment. Those lighting systems, which are designed without considering the day light, ceiling height, location of the building, working hours and habits and similar factors, do more harm than good.

We are maintaining efficient lighting values through our smart lighting design in Workinton. We are taking into consideration that the lighting level necessary for each work in progress is not the same and we place importance on the zonal lighting. We are paying attention to the balance between brightness and darkness, natural light and artificial light and supporting the general lighting with individual lightings. By this way, we are improving the concentration and minimizing the unnecessary energy consumption.