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Satellite Office Models

  • Satellite office models offer you fixed working space in the closed office areas.
  • Large enterprises can benefit the satellite offices with significant financial advantage.

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  • Satellite office models offer you a fixed working space, which is over a determined square meter in the closed office areas of any Workinton you prefer, for a long term use.
  • Let's assume that you need a satellite office of which the entire infrastructure and furniture is organized just for you and fits exactly to your targets, number of employees and cost calculations- at Workinton Kavacık for a period of three years.
  • By means of our satellite office models, you will possess a satellite office that is reserved only for you right at the required area in compliance with the number of the teams you will organize. This office provides you with a significant financial advantage while improving the employee loyalty and enables you to dismiss the hidden costs completely from our mind.
  • Moreover, if you wish you may hold your meetings in your own satellite office or rent the meeting rooms at Workinton with discounts special for you.
  • Whenever you wish, you may of course use the co-working spaces along with the mobile working advantages that are special to you and you may also work at other Workinton locations.

We provide different type of satellite office services for large companies in all branches, with custom design options, come and have a tour at your preferred location KİRALA

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